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Lembeh Island - Wonderful Piece of Bitung

Lembeh Island - Great.

I visited it few months ago with my friends.

Here the photos:

Moreah - Gold Village

Few days ago, i went to Moreah, Southeast Minahasa Regency with my friends.
You can reach this village for 3-4 hours from Manado.
Moreah is a village with many gold contained in their land.

Moreah located on many hills near them.
So, the view in this village is very awesome.

Amazing Sangihe Island

I've just visited Sangihe island on May.
You know? The Island is so wonderful and great.
I'm very glad ever visited it.

This is a few of my photos when i visited Sangihe.

sangihe island -

Sangihe island is near with Phillipine too.
I was meet Nadine Chandrawinata (ex "Putri Indonesia" that was be Indonesian duty on Miss Universe few years ago).

nadine chandrawinata on sangihe -

nadine chandrawinata on sangihe -

There was so many experience that i've got from there.

You can find many green spots, wonderfull view on sea, the great art (in singing together as we called "Masamper" and dance too).
"Masamper" is a culture in Sangihe that used in festival, ceremony, wedding, etc that doing by many people that sing with one to other and another.
They sing reciprocal song.

For info, you can find many talented singer in this island.
Hmmm, there so many great site to visit.
I hope i can visit it again.

Just info:
I went there with Ship that we can find on Manado's Harbour.
I went with KM Teratai (Ship) & back to Manado with KM Ratu Maria.
The duration is 8-9 hours for "night ship" (include bag shipping, etc)

If you want challenge and new experience travel with sea you can use Ferry or Speedboat to go Island (transport on morning until afternoon).

So, i just can say:
"Amazing Sangihe"

River Park - Sawangan, Airmadidi, Minahasa Utara

In this post i would like to share to you all about a place that located in Sawangan, Airmadidi, Minahasa Utara, that's River Park.
Same with name "River Park", this place was surrounded with a river and many park.
In this place we can find a pool, cottages, rooms, and many other.

You can visit this place because it's not far from North Sulawesi's Capital City, Manado.
I visited this place on November ago with my friends from University.
Before i leave this place, i've capture a few of them.

nice pool in the center of this resting area

with paving stone on the road

there's more beautiful view than it

sun is shining

we can found many palm trees arround this place

photo when we arrived in this place

it's me with my friend
Hope you can enjoy to read this post, and before it i want to say sorry to you all because i've never update this blog for more than 1 year.
I hope with this post can make me more enjoy to write post here.

Travel in North Sulawesi

Travel agents in North Sulawesi will be happy to arrange ground and air transportation for you and your companions. Local guides will take you to the lush highlands, exotic rainforests, and nearby islands for trekking, hiking, and adventure.


Contact the Travel Agent by visit as a Legal Organization that hadle about Tourism in North Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara).



North Sulawesi is easily reachable by international & domestic flights. Sam Ratulangi International Airport, located 13 km from Manado serves not only as the basis to link Manado with Jakarta and other cities but also is the basis of transit to and from Palu - Balikpapan - Banjarmasin - Ternate - Ambon - Sorong - Biak - and Jayapura.

The smaller airports in the province handle domestic air travel. These smaller airports are located in Ternate, Gorontalo, Sangihe, and Talaud.

North Sulawesi is serviced by national and international carriers alike: Garuda Indonesia, Merpati Nusantara Airlines, Lion Air, Air Asia and Silk Air (the regional carrier of Singapore Airlines). Currently, Wings Air has flights from Davao City to Manado once a week, Silk Air has direct flights from Singapore to Manado four times weekly, and Air Asia offers direct connections from Kuala Lumpur, three times weekly.


North Sulawesi can be accessed by sea. The port of Bitung has a large and modern wharf 1,127 m long, located on the northern coast is undoubtedly the most important port, serving shipping lines in North Sulawesi as well as the eastern part of Indonesia. This natural port, shielded by Lembeh Island, is one of the officially designated ports of entry and departure of tourists visiting Indonesia. Other ports in North Sulawesi are Manado, Melonguane, Lirung, Siau, Gorontalo, and Kwandang.

Shipping line in this province are served by P.T Pelni, a state owned shipping company, and private companies such as PT Holpers Line.


Intercity travel in North Sulawesi is quite easy particularly from Manado to Minahasa, Bitung, Bolaang Mongondow and Gorontalo.

Travel to and from North Sulawesi, by road, is an adventure. Long distance busses to Gorontalo, Palu, Poso (Central Sulawesi) and Ujung Pandang (South Sulawesi) are available. Trips to South Sulawesi may take several days.


Local transportation is provided primarily by "Oplet/Mikrolet". These kinds of vehicles are used to provide city transportation for 7-14 passengers.

Taxis are available in most municipalities. Always ask the driver to use the meter. Taxis are reasonable and can be a good alternative to the crowded Mikrolets of the city.

The Bendi is the traditional cart pulled by a horse, and can seat up to four passengers. This is a definite must for first time adventuresome travelers. The inexpensive fare depends on the distance traveled.