Amazing Sangihe Island

I've just visited Sangihe island on May.
You know? The Island is so wonderful and great.
I'm very glad ever visited it.

This is a few of my photos when i visited Sangihe.

sangihe island -

Sangihe island is near with Phillipine too.
I was meet Nadine Chandrawinata (ex "Putri Indonesia" that was be Indonesian duty on Miss Universe few years ago).

nadine chandrawinata on sangihe -

nadine chandrawinata on sangihe -

There was so many experience that i've got from there.

You can find many green spots, wonderfull view on sea, the great art (in singing together as we called "Masamper" and dance too).
"Masamper" is a culture in Sangihe that used in festival, ceremony, wedding, etc that doing by many people that sing with one to other and another.
They sing reciprocal song.

For info, you can find many talented singer in this island.
Hmmm, there so many great site to visit.
I hope i can visit it again.

Just info:
I went there with Ship that we can find on Manado's Harbour.
I went with KM Teratai (Ship) & back to Manado with KM Ratu Maria.
The duration is 8-9 hours for "night ship" (include bag shipping, etc)

If you want challenge and new experience travel with sea you can use Ferry or Speedboat to go Island (transport on morning until afternoon).

So, i just can say:
"Amazing Sangihe"