Tsunami's Threat

 Today, We've just heard about Tsunami that have destroyed Japan,
Unfortunately, our area ( North Sulawesi especially my regency Southeast Minahasa) also very worried with the Tsunami's Threat,

Why ?? Because our North Sulawesi also included in Tsunami's Threat Zone.

Tsunami threat

What an unfortunately News,,  in next few days North Sulawesi will held a great meeting between other Nations to discuss about Disaster Relief ( ARF-DIREX) and the way to handle it.
But now, North Sulawesi must facing the 'Trouble' ( disaster) More quick than the expectation.
Whereas, Japan included in Nations Group that will come in North Sulawesi ( Manado) to join this Conference ( ARF-DIREX). Based on Information that i've received, Japan also will bring Their Military Vehicles (as a Military Aeroplane,Military Ship,etc)

What a very bad news...

Based on News in TV, Tsunami will happen at 20:00 WIT ( in East Indonesian Time ) or in English at 8.00 pm, and according to BMG's Info, there's 20 Nation included Indonesia, especially East Indonesian Region that will be subject from this Tsunami's Threat.

In Indonesia, Tsunami's Threat Zone area located in North Maluku ( Malut), Papua and North Sulawesi (Sulut).

I hope this Disaster wouldn't make our North Sulawesi especially Southeast Minahasa and Bunaken collaps as the condition in Japan now, in condition that just few days remain to North Sulawesi to held ARF-DIREX.
Hopefully, visitor's interest in North Sulawesi Tourism won't be decrease by this disaster.

So now, we just can to pray for Japan and for Indonesia, especially North Sulawesi in order to held this great meeting.

 May God keep save us from this Tsunami's Threat. 

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