Talaud Regency

Talaud Regency ( Islands of Paradise )
Talaud Regency

 A trip to Talaud, has many interesting place to visit. Fabled by the Portuguese as " Porodisa" the green islands, white sands, deep harbor, coral reefs, unique traditional culture island.

 Talaud Regency located between 3 0 38'00" - 50 33'00 north latitude 126 0 38'00" - 5 0 33'00 east longitude,
from Miangas Island in northern part to napombaru Island in southeast part of Kabaruan Island.
 The Position of Talaud Regency in northern part of North Sulawesi which directly border on Philipines.
 Talaud Regency borders on :
North  : Philipines
South  : Maluku Sea
West   : Sulawesi Sea.
East    : Pacific Ocean

 Distance between Manado ( Capital City of North Sulawesi Province) and Melonguane ( Capital City of Talaud Regency ) is 271 Mil, Melonguane- Davao (Philipines) 289 Mil, Melonguane- General Santos City (Philipines) 219 Mil, Miangas- St. Agustin is 50,4 Mil,
Talaud Regency covers area up to 1251,02 km2 with population 84.747 person which divided in to 19 Districts.

Talaud consist of three main Islands such as, Karakelang Islands,  a South Island of Salibabu, and South Eastern Mangaran and the remote group of coral atolls far to the northeast, The Nanusa Group.

Karakelang Islands consist of three islands : Karakelang, Nusa Dolom, and Nusa Tofor.
Nanusa Islands consist of eight islands : Miangas, Marampit, Kakorotan, Malo, Mangupung, Intata, Garat, and Karatung.
Salibabu Islands consist of three islands : Salibabu, Sara Besar, and Sara Kecil (Sara Islands).
Kabaruan Islands consist of two : Kabaruan and Naponbaru Island.

Trip to Talaud can be reached by Air, Merpati Air flies to and from Melonguane, or by Ferry's Ship, as Elisabeth, Ratu Maria, Valerine, which depart from Manado Harbour.

Have a Wonderful Trip.


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