Melonguane Beach

melonguane beach
Talaud has many tourism destination place to visit, which one is Melonguane Beach.

This coast located in sidetown of Melonguane ( Capital City of Talaud Regency), with white sand, great place, wonderful view and also have the clear water, this place is very great to visit.

The water condition in this place is very good if you want to swim and dive. You can enjoy the great experience under the sea, what a beautiful view friend.. You also can see many species in there, include rare species, as the Yellow Sea Horse, Nudiebranch, Frog Fish, and also Coral reefs.
This place have a few similarity with Bunaken

This place is very nice, so i just found a poem that made from someone that ever visited this place.
MelonguaneI admire the color of sunset, when they dance on the sea water ,
Along the darkening sky looks purple clouds thinned
I listened to the strains of symphonic music of the sea
I closed my eyes relaxed with every breath that I exhale
A touch of warmth began to fill my body, adorn the deepest feelings where my soul is 

So, this Place is Top Recommended if you have a vacation and you want to take a trip to Talaud Regency.

Enjoy your vacation Friend in North Sulawesi……..

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