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No other DIVING locale in the world can surpass the splendor and breathtaking beauty of North Sulawesi's coral reefs. We invite you to join one of our safe, professional dive centers for an underwater expedition that you will never forget. Whether you are a novice, or an experienced diver with hundreds of dives, you will be astounded by the variety of species, and the sheer volume of living creatures that inhabit our crystal clear waters. Look below to find your personal guide about Diving Info...

Visit www.sulutprov.go.id/budpar/index.html as a Legal Organization from Government that handle about Tourism in North Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara).


Blue Bay Divers

Ph: (62) 81 340 286000
Email: info@bluebaydivers.de

Celebes Divers
Ph: (62) 431 838877
Email: info@celebesdivers.com

Eco Divers
Ph: (62) 431 824445
Fax: (62) 431 823444
Email: info@eco-divers.com

Froggies Divers
Ph: (62) 812 430 1356
Fax: (1) 530 684 6038
Email: info@divefroggies.com

Gangga Island Resort
Ph: (62) 82 431 3809
Fax: (872) 7618 44716
Email: ganggais@indosat.net.id

Kungkungan Bay Resort
Ph: (62) 438 30300
Fax: (62) 438 31400
Email: info@divekbr.com

Living Colours Dive Resort
Ph: (62) 431 847064
Email: info@livingcoloursdiving.com

LumbaLumba Diving
Ph: (62) 431 826 151 or 152
Email: info@lumbalumbadiving.com

Thalassa Dive Center
Ph: (62) 431 850230
Fax: (62) 431 850231
Email: info@thalassa.net

Two Fish Divers
Ph: (62) 811 43 2805
Email: info@twofishdivers.com

*we just give you information, all risks it's your own if you contact the numbers above without cooperate with Tourism Organization from Government www.sulutprov.go.id/budpar/index.html.

Enjoy your diving in North Sulawesi.

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