Southeast Minahasa Regency

Southeast Minahasa (Mitra) regency is a new regency in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia, with a capital of Ratahan which is a division of South Minahasa regency.

May 23, 2007 in Manado has been inaugurated by the Minister of Home Affairs Widodo AS Ad Interim along with three other districts, namely North Bolaang Mongondow , Kotamobagu City and County Tagulandang Biaro Siau Island (Sitaro).

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southeast minahasa regency

This area  (Southeast Minahasa- Mitra), North Sulawesi, is an area with an excellent tourism potential.
as Bentenan beach, Lakban, Hais, and various other interesting places.

previously occurred after the turn of the logo area then this area is also headed to the direction of change for the better. some splitting of districts and villages has become proof that good democracy has done in this area.

I live in this regency.
especially district tombatu.

Go Southeast Minahasa (Mitra).

You can check many tourism site of this Regency in here or Tourism Page.

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