Manado Language

Although Indonesia has a various places with different culture and language, all Indonesians can understand Indonesia language but still, as the status of Indonesia’s part which is rich of culture, there are various languages in North Sulawesi, such as : Tonsea, Tondano, Tombulu, Tontemboan and Tonsawang, Bantik, Ratahan, Ponosakan and Manado Language.

The first five languages form a genetic group called proto-Minahasan. They are more closely related to each other and cover the greater part of Minahasa. It is therefore reasonable to assume that they all derive from a common parent language which was itself spoken in Minahasa. The other three languages have their closest links with languages spoken outside Minahasa. Ponosakan is closely related to Mangondow, spoken in the Bolaang Mongondow Regency. Ratahan, also referred as Bentenan, and Bantik have their closest links with Sangir, spoken on the islands of the Sangihe Talaud Archipelago and in the north of Minahasa District.At least, Manado language is used in Manado but still can be understood by people in Minahasa who uses 8 indigenous languages before.
So, to know about North Sulawesi we must know at least Manado Language as a general language that used in North Sulawesi.
Learn Manado Language
If you want to Learn about Manado Language Here it is.

Greetings in Manado language is same as Greeting in Indonesian Language :
Selamat Pagi : Good Morning
Selamat Siang : Good Day
Selamat Sore : Good Afternoon
Selamat Malam : Good Evening


Kita : I
Ngana : You (singular)
Ngoni : You (Plural)
Dorang : They
Torang : We
Dia : He/She

For possession word , such as: his, her and its, Manadonese just uses word:pe
Example with word : bag = tas
My Bag = Kita Pe Tas
Example with word : Book = Buku
Your Book = Ngana Pe Buku
Example with word : Class = Klas
Your Class : Ngoni Pe Klas
Example with word : friend=tamang
Their Friend = Dorang Pe Tamang
Example with word : family=keluarga
Our Family = Torang Pe Keluarga
Example with word : boyfriend
Her Boyfriend = Dia Pe Paitua


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