Bitung City

Bitung is a city on the northern coast of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is in the province of North Sulawesi, and faces Lembeh Island and the Lembeh Strait, which is known for its colorful marine life, in particular sea slugs. Bitung has a population of more than 100,000. Bitung included in North Sulawesi's Municipality.

BitungBitung City was rewarded three times (2007, 2008, 2009) with the Adipura and Swastisaba as one of the most clean and healthy cities of Indonesia. Even being within the city center, you often have an excellent view of the volcanoes, the jungle of Tangkoko National Park, the famous Lembeh Strait and the ocean. Bitung has tens of kilometers of beachfront both on the mainland and the famous island of Lembeh. The 200.000 people living here are a mixture of different ethnic groups which may differ in culture and religion but live together in a very good harmony. Bitung is an excellent base for your holiday on North Sulawesi. You can find several hotels and 11 resorts in Bitung. Together they offer accommodation for all budgets. Many of them are having a swimming pool, spa and divecenter.

Although Bitung is a modern city in North Sulawesi with Internet Caf├ęs and money machines, you still can find much of the traditional Indonesian life and culture if you look for it. Daily at the local markets and the nightly foodstalls and during events such as Tulude, the traditional thanksgiving day of the Sangihe people and the yearly celebration of the Minahasa tribes. Also during other events with some luck you can witness the traditional war dances Kabasaran, Cakalele, Maengket, Gunde and dances related to fishing and harvesting.
Often at the same events you can listen to the unique traditional bamboo music.

Lembeh Strait

In recent years, more and more divers have discovered the enormous diversity of underwater life of the Lembeh Strait. This stretch of sea is unique. Here you can find all sorts of so called critters on the typical black volcanic sand bottom, as well as beautiful coral gardens, walls and several wrecks. It is NOT unusual to see a number of different Seahorses, Frogfishes, Octopuses, Ghostpipefishes and countless Nudibranch in just one dive or even while snorkeling.
Lembeh Island

This 22 Km long green island offers unspoiled nature, both black and white sandy beaches and small friendly traditional villages. It can easily be visited by boat and there are very good hiking possibilities. The nature is very rich with birds, butterflies, tarsius, civet and lizards.

Bitung has so many beaches that even on Sunday when traditionally the Indonesian families enjoy themselves playing and swimming on the water front, you still can find a beach for you alone. The more popular beach are Pantai Tanjung Merah, Teluk Kembahu, Pantai Pasir Putih, Pantai Tangkoko and Pantai Batu Putih.
Tangkoko Nature Reserve
The nature reserve protects 8800 hectares of the most beautiful forested land remaining in Sulawesi. The reserve contains a full range of flora communities, including mangrove forest, beach forest, lowland forest, submontane forest and elfin cloud forest. Inhabitants are macaques, tarsiers, hornbills, Maleo birds. Various kinds of trip can be made in this park, such as 5km loop trail, 6km mountain trail, snorkeling and bird-watching in Batuangus cove and of course tarsier viewing.
Near the entrance of the park you can find three basic but clean comfortable homestay.


If you want to have a closer look at the animals living in North Sulawesi and other part of Indonesia, it is worthwhile to pay a visit to the small zoo Naemundung in Tanduk Rusa or Tasikoki, the rehabilitation center for endangered species in Tanjung Merah. Both centers are nicely located at the seashore.
Monument of Interest

In Bitung and on Lembeh Island you can see many Churches, Mosques, and a beautiful Chinese Temple. Historical events are honored by several monuments such as the monument Trikora Mandala Sakti and the Japanese monument.
  1. Sea port: Pelabuhan Samudera Bitung, Pelabuhan Traditional Ruko, Pelabuhan Perikanan, Pelabuhan Ferry
  2. Airport: Bandara Internasional Sam Ratulangi
  3. Local: Mikrolet, Taxi, Bus, Ojek, Bendi
Distance from Bitung (Bitung is an excellent base for your holiday on North Sulawesi)
Manado International Airport 32 Km
Manado City 40 Km
Bunaken Island 50 Km
Minahasa highland 40 Km
Tomohon 50 Km
Waruga the ancient Sarcophagi 25 Km
Hotel in Bitung
  1. Wisma Pelaut – Telp: +62438-36078
  2. Nalendra Hotel – Telp: +62438-30403
  3. Phoenix Hotel – Telp: +62438-30255
  4. Fatamorgana – Telp: +62438-21227
  5. Mandarin Hotel – Telp: +62438-30111
  6. Crysant Hotel – Telp: +62438-31211
  7. Bumi Nyiur – Telp: +62438-31004
  8. Bitung Plaza – Telp: +62438-30183
  9. Pondok Indah
Resort in Bitung
  1. Divers Lodge Lembeh +62 812 4433754
  2. Kungkungan Bay Resort +62 438 30300
  3. Lembeh Resort +62 438 30667
  4. Sulawesi Dive Quest
  5. Nomad Adventure Divers +62 0813 56811228
  6. Kasawari Lembeh Resort +62 813 56557704
  7. Bastianos Resort +62 438 5500223
  8. Two Fish Divers
    +62 813 56218328
  9. Black Sand Divers  +62 811437736
  10. Benteng Resort
  11. Mama Ross home stay in Tangkoko. Phone: +6281340421454
  12. Tarsius home stay
  13. Rangers home stay

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