Tomohon City

 Tomohn City

Tomohon is a new city in the province of North Sulawesi (Sulawesi Utara), Indonesia. Initially, Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa regency in North Sulawesi, and now as a Municipality in North Sulawesi beside Manado, Bitung and Kotamubagu.

Tomohon is known for flower planting at people's homes. Nearby is the mountain Gunung Lokon. Tomohon is known for wood house production, palm sugar (aren) production, vegetable agriculture, and as a centre of Christian ministry and as a student town.Tomohon also has a local TV station, TV 5 Dimensi, with services available to 2,5 million viewers in North Sulawesi.

Tomohon known as the City of Flowers is one of the most beautiful cities in Minahasa municipality of North Sulawesi Province and home to hospitable people. Naming Tomohon as 'The City of Flowers' is absolutely unmistakable.

Try to stroll arround the villages in Tomohon and notice that most of the houses has small beautiful garden full of colourful flowers. In fact, flowers and vegetables are extensively cultivated in Tomohon to meet the demands from hotels, restaurants, florists, etc, in Manado.
Located at an altitude of 650 metres above sea level, and blessed with fertile volcanic soil makes this area covered with lush vegetation and absolutely a perfect place to cool down after sunbathing and diving in Bunaken Marine Park.

Tomohon is also a great place for those who want to just relax after long flights and need to acclimatize before exploring Minahasa Highlands and the rest of North Sulawesi wonders. Tomohon is reachable within 45 minutes drive through a panoramic route from Manado the capital of North Sulawesi and approximately 1 hour from Sam Ratulangi Manado International Airport.

You can check many tourism site of this City in here or Tourism Page.

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