Sangihe Regency

Sangihe Regency is a regency of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The principal town lies at Tahuna.
The islands off the very north coast of Manado, which seem to form a kind of bridge with the very southernmost islands of the Philippines, are the group known as Sangihe & Talaud.

Sangihe regency

An archipelago of 77 islands, Sangihe & Talaud like most unspoiled areas is not easy to get to. A speedboat makes the journey from Manado in around six hours, stay overnight and go back the next day. The administrative capital and largest town is Tahuna on the island of Sangihe Besar. There are several hotels here offering basic but passable accommodation. In town, shop for the carved ebony wood for which the area is famous, as well as embroidered fabrics from the island of Batunderang. There’s also an interesting house of Dutch design and unknown age. If you have a couple of days and plenty of extra energy you could climb Gunung Awu the spectacular volcanic peak. First check in at the monitoring station at Tulusau, to make sure conditions are right. To the south of Sangihe Besar, the island of Siau has a glorious 1800m volcanic peak known locally as Gunung Api Siau. This volcano had a major explosion in 1974, which destroyed much of the infrastructure of the island. It can be climbed but should be approached with caution.

The region’s other main attractions are its completely unspoilt beaches of which there are many. Sangihe Talaud is also getting more and more popular with birdlovers. The islands are home to nine endemic species, and new ones are being discovered regularly

Sangihe (Sangihe Talaud formerly) is located in the province of North Sulawesi Manado on the northern border with the Philippines. Sangihe Islands consist of 105 islands large and small with the largest island is a big Sanger.
What you will find is: virtually untouched white sandy beaches, uninhabited small paradise islands, excellent spots for snorkeling, active volcanos (one under water!) and friendly locals.
Sangihe Regency
Places to go:
  • Big Sanger
Big Sanger is the main island, offers a beautiful landscape. Combine exotica tropical beach with beautiful green hills.

  • Submarine Volcano
This place called Banua Wuhu, located only 300 meters from the southwest side of the island Mahengetang. The point of the mountain crater is marked by the release of bubbles in between the rocks at a depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees Celsius there.
  • Pananualeng Beach
White sand beaches.
  • Mount Sahendaruman
You can do hiking and Bird watching. On Sangihe there are several endemic species of birds and other animals. It is said in this forest there is also a primeval forest, where trees have been thousands of years old.
How to get there
From Manado (Capital city of North Sulawesi) port there is a number of boats going to various islands in the Sangihe Talaud Archipelago, like Tahulandang, Siau, Sangihe Besar (Tahuna), Makalehi, Talaud and others.
PELNI has a big vessel going from Bitung to both places every four weeks.

You can check many tourism site of this Regency in here or Tourism Page.

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