Kotamobagu City

Kotamobagu City is a regional division of the Bolaang Mongondow, North Sulawesi Province was officially established as an autonomous region through UU No. 4/2007 and launch on May 23, 2007.
Located in the middle of Bolaang Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi Province, at between 0 ° 30'-1 ° 0 'north latitude and 123 degrees-124 degrees east longitude. So, Kotamubagu as a Municipality.

West side of the city is bordered by Passi Barat subdistrict, eastside is bordered by Modayag subdisctrict of East Bolaang Mongondow Regency. In the northside is bordered by Passi Barat and Passi Timur of Bolaang Mongondow Regency. And in the southern bordering with Lolayan subdistrict of Bolaang Mongondow Regency. 
Kotamobagu city is located on the equator, with tropical climate with two seasons namely dry season and rainy season. Rainfall is high enough that reach 2000 to 3000 mm / year, this is very beneficial for the agricultural sector.

The total area of  Kotamobagu is 184.33 km ² or 2% of the total land area Bolaang Mongondow

 Driving along the coast of North Sulawesi, has made Indonesia more beautiful. Along the coast to the city of Kotamobagu is not an easy matter. But the waving of the palms was so beautiful. After four hours of driving, we will arrive in the town of this beautiful valley of Ambang mountain, an active volcano in the Bolaang Mongondow Regency, which had previously been the parent of Kotamobagu city. Kotamobagu city was officially became an autonomous region separated from Bolaang Mongondow Regency on May 23, 2007.

You will be amazed when you see the city of Kotamobagu. This small town is like a 'city in the middle of the forest'. At night, this city is so light with all aspects of life like a metropolitan city, although the city was surrounded by forests and active volcanoes. Although the Kotamobagu city is just a small town with a population of about 120 thousands people, but the lives of its citizens are very dynamic and entertainer. Hence it is reasonable why a number of shopping centers stood there that made the economic activity continues to move from morning 'til night.

The beauty of Kotamobagu city is also as same as the girls there. The girls are beautiful. That's for sure, because the city of Kotamobagu certainly has Manadonese bloody race which has already known in this archipelago as the land of the 'goddesses'...hmmm....

Kotamobagu, a beautiful valley .... Most people who has visited this city will be agreed with this expressions. City of Kotamobagu actually was one of the oldest city in North Sulawesi Province, in addition to Manado, Bitung and Tomohon. So it is so natural if the economic acitivities there continues to growth. It was also natural if then the Kotamobagu City status rise up to became an autonomous city separated from Bolaang Mongondow Regency.

Bentor in Kotamubagu
Bentor in Kotamobagu
(foto: detikFoto)

Kotamobagu city is also known as the city of 'bentor'. It's a unique vehicle. It is a motorized rickshaw. This vehicle is a modified two-wheel motor so it looks like a rickshaw. In Kotamobagu, bentor now amounted to thousands of vehicles and crowded the roads everywhere. Bentor even beat taxi (there is no taxi there) and even Angkot and has became major public transportation in the Kotamobagu City. Uniquely, bentor in Kotamobagu and Bolaang Mongondow was equipped with audio system such as a CD player or tape.

According to Assistant I of Kotamobagu city, actually, bentor was 'imported' from Gorontalo. When Gorontalo increased to became a new province, Gorontalo government made the rules to control bentor in Gorontalo. Because of this new regulation in Gorontalo, they moved to the City of Kotamobagu. Perhaps because there is no taxi, bentor become the main alternative to public transportation there, same with motorcycle taxi in several other cities in Indonesia.

Although bentor is the favorite vehicle of this city, but for the government think that bentor can make the city became 'slums'. But it's too late to disciplined, so it will take a long time to control it. "Slow down while learning what's best for the people who make a living through Bentor, especially Bentor more human than pedicab that use human power." Assistant's comments about this.

(foto: Totabuan blog)
Kotamobagu is also known as city of matoa. When you visit Kotamobagu city, don't forget to taste this very delicious fruit: matoa. Matoa is not commonly found in all places. According to some information, Matoa is native to Papua. However these fruit also can be seen in North Sulawesi, especially Kotamobagu. Plants that have Latin name: Pometia spp (Pometia pinnata, Pometia coreacae, Pometia acuminata) has a sweet fruit and good to eat. It feels a bit like a mixture of fruit durian, longan and rambutan.
So, if you are planning to go to Kotamobagu City, physically prepare yourself to travel for about 3 or 4 hours drive by car from Manado City. This is the only transportation. There is no airport there. But definitely, the fatigue you get as you arrived will be gone as soon as you see the beauty of this cool valley city.

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