South Minahasa Regency

South Minahasa (Minahasa Selatan- Minsel) regency is regency that has been built from its origin, Minahasa regency. Before reaching its 4th age , Minsel regency has not been had specific e-government organization unit yet. Basically, Minsel government has significant commitment to develop e-government. Those can be seen from allocated budget for e-Government that from the first year has reach more than 1 billion rupiahs and increasing in successive years.

Minsel Regency
Unfortunately, e-government implementation at Minsel regency has been delayed because of adjustment to comply Government Regulation No. 8 at 2003 title Regional Organization Guide. This government regulation regulates e.g. number of regional government organization unit. The regulation make Minsel Government have to expense some sort of time to make e-government organization readjustment to comply with national government regulation. Impact for this readjustment is that huge of budget that planned to be allocated to e-government sector could not be implemented in sufficient formal institution.
Even though, commitment of government leader, officer, and staff have been implemented in limited fashion in developing small local area network and open internet access through phone modem which have minimum bandwidth. Minsel government expected that in this 2007, e-Government implementation could be more optimal with new organization structure, new building, and new plan to develop e-government master plan.
In the position of the middle peninsula of North Sulawesi Province, which is administratively located in the south of Minahasa District, with boundaries as follows: North Boundary-Kab.Minahasa; Limits Kab.Minahasa East-Southeast-South Boundary Kab.Bolaang Mongondow; Western Boundary - Celebes Sea
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In a regional perspective, South Minahasa regency is in the position of "strategic", because it is on land traffic lane Trans Sulawesi highway that connects all provinces in Sulawesi Island. Similarly, the sea route to the north, an area crossing (transit) as well as stop over the flow of passengers, goods and services in the Indonesian region of Central and Eastern Indonesia, even to the Asia Pacific region. As for the southern sea route, is very strategic for the development of fishery production in east Indonesia

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